Shona Soul Synergy Healing  

Shona Soul Synergy Healing

    Certified Practitioner of Forensic Healing and Essentials Instructor    

My Story

To share my complete life story would be time consuming, though I’m happy to share snippets of my early years where I felt drawn to helping others and cared about their feelings. I know I had the ability to heal people, through laughter, understanding, friendship or love. I had a deep interest of the unknown in life, wondering where was my place in the Universe, and a deep connection to spirit. I am passionate about healing from within, self esteem, and importantly love of self. To love yourself first before you can honour love to others fully and truthfully, can be a challenge. I work with Universal Law; know we are connected to a higher Source, assisted by Spirit, guides and loved ones. My healing journey has bought me to this moment and my purpose in this lifetime.

I have encountered and overcome some challenging issues in life, together with loss, and trauma.

As a teenager I endured the loss of my first close associations with two school friends. One of them being my "soul sister" from my past, up until then present, and will be future life. Her passing and unbearable realisation that this path was chosen for me through a series of events, has bought me to where I am today. My education, life and work were far different from where I am now. My personal journey has been slowly unfolding, and as I’ve learned along the way, been guided and supported to get me to here.

I am blessed with the opportunity to guide clients through their own journey of awareness, and change, into a level of self-compassion, acceptance and love that brings about sustained healing and inner peace. I can say I have the wisdom of knowing and deep understanding what is required to truly heal and grow... the awakening of consciousness. I have come to understand that over time, being true and living ones passion, whatever that may be, gives us a sense of fulfilment, a meaning to life, knowing our souls journey is simply aligning the ego self with the spiritual self. I have a compassionate, strong and determined spirit to want to help others in their healing journeys.

I am deeply passionate about helping others release, heal, create, engage, empower and find a sense of self worth, love and purpose in life. At some point in our lives we question our purpose, we are all on a journey of self discovery, and I use my healing abilities for “the highest of good”. Once you enter and open yourself to accept the guidance, loving support and freedom in your healings you will no longer carry the baggage that has caused you pain, you can live and stand in your power, your true self, and move forward to greater and a more loving soul filled life.

I look forward to meeting and starting you on your healing journey, thank you for allowing Shona Soul Synergy Healing to help reach your vision.

Love, Light and Immense Gratitude

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