Shona Soul Synergy Healing  

Shona Soul Synergy Healing

    Certified Practitioner of Forensic Healing and Essentials Instructor    

Holistic Living Magazine Articles


I joined Global Healing Exchange in June 2015 and have had the pleasure to write articles relating to many subjects around health, body, and spiritual awareness. It’s been a great learning curve, and given me a chance to incorporate and share my new-found passion in energy healing.

By joining the GHE Membership Program you will have access to a variety of experts that provide knowledge, practical life changing tips and practices that everyone can use themselves, their family and friends.

It truly is a new way of accessing and sharing information to help others in their quest for healing, mind, body and spirit.


* Meet The Experts - Global Healing Exchange

* Edition #1 Overcoming Depression                                           

* Edition #2 Negative Life Patterns                                               

* Edition #3 Living With an Auto Immune Disease                       

* Edition #4 Understanding & Exploring Cancer                           

* Edition #5 Living With A Healthy Immune System                     

* Edition #6 Self Love                                                                  

* Edition #7 Emotions      

* Edition #8 Energy & Consciousness 

* Edition #9 Beliefs    

* Edition #10 Relaxation  

* Edition #11 Chronic Pain        

* Edition #12 Fear & Anxiety    

* Edition #13 Mental Health   

* Edition #14 Mind-Body          

*Edition #15 Law of Manifestation

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