Shona Soul Synergy Healing  

Shona Soul Synergy Healing

    Certified Practitioner of Forensic Healing and Essentials Instructor    


Hello my name is Shona Russell, welcome to Shona Soul Synergy Healing. I am an intuitive energy healer using the Award-Winning Forensic Healing Modality. This has assisted me greatly in embracing and developing my evidential physic Claircognizance, Clairsentience, and Clairempathy gifts.

Please enjoy browsing through my website and I hope if any of this resonates with you, that it makes you want to find out more. 

To maybe guide you along the way, ask yourself these few questions and be totally honest!

Do you ever feel like your life is going in circles, or even down the gurgler? Are your relationships always a struggle? Do you feel frustrated and always seem to end up repeating the same patterns? Do you worry incessantly? Does fear of any sort bring you crumbling down? Are you always trying to please others? Do you feel like you are carrying the world on your shoulders? 

Do you feel panic, overwhelm, anxious??? ......AM I HITTING A NERVE?

What Is Forensic Healing?

Forensic Healing has Won three Australian Achievers Awards as one of the
 Best Spiritual Counselling and Holistic Online and Live Training Courses

Forensic Healing is a Natural Therapy System that synergistically combines the Forensic approach, Science, Logic and Intuition to release the pain, stress or trauma that resides deep within the body.  

“Forensic Healing is an energy detective system that identifies your past stresses, traumas, conditioning, energetic damage, that causes your pain, stress, and suffering.

The Forensic Healing system then uses one of the 110+ advanced, specific healing pathways to release the blocks from your energy field, which frees you from your condition.”

How Can Forensic Healing Help Me?

  • Restores: Purity, Integrity, Health and Wholeness
  • Combines natural healing methods to treat any condition on all levels: Energy, Physics, Emotions, Spirit
  • Assists in reconnecting and realigning the DNA
  • Triggers innate abilities for deeper and faster results to heal

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